About Vegetos

The journal VEGETOS started its publication in 1988 with usual ups and down amidst some dust of hurdles but no body ever dreamed that this journal will achieve International recognition and will become the most trusted and loved periodical of Plant Sciences and Biotechnology. Since its beginning, many internationally recognized scientists like Prof H S Srivastava, Prof K S Bilgrami, Prof K S Bhargava, Prof C P Mallick, Prof B D Singh, Prof L M S Palni, Prof R B Singh, Prof S K Sopory, Prof T S Kahlon, Prof Manju Sharma, Prof Anupam Varma, Prof M P Yadav, Prof H D Kumar, Prof B R Chaudhary, Prof B M Johri, Prof P K Gupta, Prof R K Gupta, Prof M N Noor and many more renowned signatures of plant sciences, agriculture and biotechnology guided us for further improvement. With an initial membership of 11 persons it has now reached more than 1800 from India and abroad. The Executive Body of SPR is pleased to announce that the journal VEGETOS, which was started in the year 1988, is now being processed, published and marketed by the global publisher SpringerNature since January 2019 thus strengthening its global authorship. VEGETOS is publishing research articles in all branches of plant science and associated branches of frontier sciences like Plant Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Genome sequencing etc. We publish Review articles on specific topics. For submission, the scientists may visit the websites www.vegetosindia.org or www.springer.com/42535 .