Morphological and physiological responses of proliferating shoots of bamboo to cytokinin

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Keywords: Bamboo, Cytokinin, Growth regulators, Hyperhydricity, Morphology, Physiology, Shoot regeneration


Successful in vitro propagation of bamboo is attractive for several purposes due to its versatility, high economic potential, and ability to achieve growth in a short time. Several researchers have studied nodal segment regeneration in bamboo species, and in vitro propagation by organogenesis is influenced by several factors, including explants, culture medium, and plant growth regulators of the culture medium. However, one of the most important factors for in vitro propagation is the type and concentration of cytokinin. Benzyladenines are the most commonly used cytokinin in regeneration systems, but their efficacy depends on genotype and other factors. Other cytokinin such as kinetin have also been investigated in several studies. However, these were found to be less active. The cytokinin used in the experiments may affect shoot morphology, resulting in morphological changes in explants. There are also interactions between factors related to in vitro culture conditions. This review discusses the role and efficacy of cytokinin in organogenesis and how this may relate to the observed morpho-physiological and biochemical changes.

Bamboo, Cytokinin, Growth regulators, Hyperhydricity, Morphology, Physiology, Shoot regeneration

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The author is grateful to Dr. Marcelo Francisco Pompelli and MSc. Luis Alfonso Rodríguez-Páez for their skilled technical assistance. Also, thanks to the anonymous reviewer(s) and the editor of this article for their critical comments and suggestions on the manuscript.

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