Upcoming Executive Body (2018-2020)
Upcoming Editorial Board, Vegetos (2018-2020)

Papers presented in the National Conference NCBBCB-2017 held during October 30-31, 2017 in Banasthali University shall be published after peer review in VEGETOS (Special) 2018. Kindly contact Prof Vinay Sharma, Convener, NCBBCB-2017 for further details. Download circular

For all queries email us at vegetosinfo@gmail.com

Important notice:-

Dear Authors, Please submit your papers for 2018 onwards on our official websites www.vegetosindia.org or www.indianJournal.com only. Papers submitted to any other website like https://www.scitechnol.com/vegetos.php will not be accepted and the authors will be responsible for any loss to their research as the tenure of MOU with them is terminating on 31st December 2017.

Latest issue of Vegetos 30 (Supplement), 2017 is Online and can be downloaded under open access

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